Tamer Hosny's new song Mawahashtekish most-viewed on YouTube

Ahram Online , Thursday 11 Jan 2024

Just three day after its release, Tamer Hosny's new music video Mawahashtekish (Didn't You Miss Me) garnered more than 6.4 million views, placing it as #1 on Trending for music in Egypt.

Tamer Hosny


The song is from Hosny's latest album The Happiness Hormone, which includes video clips for songs such as Msh Hatghyar Aashn Had (I Won't Change for Anybody), released in July 2023, and the title song.

Hormone El-Saada (The Happiness Hormone) was released in June 2023. The latter video clip scored over 50 million views to date, making it one of Hosny's most successful songs (besides titles such as Hadl3any -- 120 million views -- for the 2022 film I Love You).

The newest music video for Mawahashtekish is set in a winter mood and features actress Tharaa Goubail.

Hours since its release on 9 January, the song climbed to "#1 on Trending for music in Egypt" remaining in the top position until now.

The video was directed by Hosny, with art director Mohamed Mostafa. The song lyrics are by Amir Teima, one of the leading Egyptian lyricists of his generation, to music and arrangement by Ahmed Ibrahim.

Hosny's followers had highly anticipated the video clip, especially after he released a teaser "behind the scenes" from the backstage of the clip's production. The teaser was released on 1 January 2024 and climbed within hours to the top ten videos watched on YouTube in Egypt.

A pop singer, songwriter, and actor, Tamer Hosny began his career in 2002. He has become one of the biggest pop celebrities in Egypt and the Arab region.

Hosny released over 13 top-selling albums. His songs appeared in several television series. Apart from his solo performances across the Arab region, Hosny also collaborates with other musicians like Rim Banna, Latifa, Souad Massi, and Sherine.

An endorser of Pepsi, he was also the first Arab celebrity to advertise for the famous sunglasses brand  Police.

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