Major music centres in Cairo search for new formula to hold events in coming weeks

Ati Metwaly, Tuesday 8 Feb 2011

On 28 January, known as the “Friday of Rage”, the doors of all cultural institutions closed. On Sunday 6 February, a number of music centres have resumed their work but without holding many music performances

Sakia and Opera

The management of the Cairo Opera House, the Cultural Development Fund and El Sawy Culturewheel are searching for a formula to sustain their presence in the cultural arena without ignoring the political situation in the country, security issues and the curfew.

The schedule of the Cairo Opera House is not known. Cairo Opera House administration informed Ahram Online that the institution refunds the tickets purchased on any event taking place between 28 January and 28 February, even if the event is still scheduled to take place and has not been cancelled. For those wanting a refund, they must ensure they present the ticket purchased. A Broadway performance planned on 6-11 February has been cancelled.

The Cairo Opera House management however is still not sure how many events will be cancelled until the end of this month and is still looking at the possibility of rescheduling.

The Cultural Development Fund which usually holds several projects and music activities in a variety of locations – such as International Music Center, Prince Taz Palace, El Harawy Mansion, El Ghoury Caravansary, El Seheimy Mansion, El Ghoury Dome etc – told Ahram Online that all music events are on hold until further notice. Accordingly, the International Music Center which planned to host pianist Idil Biret on 20 January, will postpone the recital.

However, some projects not affected by the events in the country and the curfew, are being continued. Aswan International Sculpture Symposium, held between 15 January and 5 March is not interrupted. We would advise patrons to contact the Cultural Development Fund for more details. Tel 2735 7001 – 2735 4243.

El Sawy Culturewheel (El Sakia) will re-open its doors to the public on Sunday, 13 February. The administration of the center informed Ahram Online that they are not planning to hold regular concerts in the near future and their plans depend on the curfew situation.

El Sakia will start with social events such as discussions and meetings and selected concerts related strictly to the specific situation in the country. This week El Sawy Culturewheel will crystallize their plans for the upcoming weeks.

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