Tamer Hosny defends appearance in boycotted potato chips TV commercial

Ahram Online , Saturday 16 Mar 2024

Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny defended his appearance in a TV commercial for the potato chips brand Chipsy, which is owned by Pepsi – a company being boycotted by many pro-Palestine activists for its purported links to Israel amid its ongoing war in Gaza.



"I am clarifying something regarding the latest Chipsy advertisement," Hosny opened his long tweet on X, formerly Twitter, on 13 March, after fans accused the singer of "hypocrisy" for participating in a Chipsy's advertisement.

In his post, Tamer presented three arguments, the first being the fact that he has been collaborating with the brand for two years and that this ad is not his first for Chipsy.

“It is easy to talk without being aware of the many implications of the contracts and the whole issue," he writes.

In the second argument, he explained that Chipsy is an Egyptian company, attaching the clause in the contract that supports his statement.

In his third argument, the singer stressed his support for the Palestinian cause "over the past 20 years" adding, "I personally went to the Rafah crossing to support our people there in the largest campaign," despite the risks in doing so.

Finally, he explained that Chipsy “sells Egyptian products produced from potatoes from Egyptian farmers," adding that they are affordable for everyone despite the economic challenges that people feel on a daily basis.



Hosny's Tweet did not placate all of his followers, some of whom pointed out that Chipsy is the local brand name for Lay's, itself a subsidiary of Pepsi, an American brand that has been part of the pro-Palestine boycott.

"Chipsy Company pays a percentage of the net profits to the parent company, which of course funds the Zionists to kill our people in Palestine," one user wrote on X.

Hosny's followers also underscore that each contract has a cancellation clause, and should this include a penalty, Hosny has the financial means to cover such an expense.

Since the eruption of Israel's war on Gaza, pro-Palestinian activists have called for boycotts of several Western brands, including Starbucks, McDonalds, Nike, Nestle, Pepsi, among hundreds of others. There are special websites clarifying origins of many brands as well as their possible affiliation to supporting Israel.

The strong wave of boycott, especially in Egypt, includes also monitoring of the celebrities choices.

Recently, Amir Eid, the front man of the popular band Cairokee, found himself under attack for appearing in Yves Saint Laurent ad. 

Angry fans questioned Eid's choice to appear in the ad, just weeks after Cairokee released Telk Kadeya in support of Palestine.

Hosny's appearance in the Chipsy ad has cost him some social media followers, with media reports claiming that his Facebook page has declined from 26 million to 25 million in just a few days.

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