VIDEO: Egypt's, Lebanon's sensations Maryam and Zeid to perform in Eid

Ahram Online, Tuesday 23 Oct 2012

Egyptian folkloric singer Maryam Saleh and Lebanese musician Zeid Hemdan to perform songs from their ongoing Arabic 'Trip Hop' project in El Sawy Culturewheel during Eid holiday

In their second performance in Egypt, Maryam Saleh and Zeid Hemdan are set to take the stage of the River Hall in El Sawy Culturewheel on the second day of the Eid holiday, Saturday 28 October.

The duo met in 2010 and have been working together sporadically since then, jamming together, performing in Lebanon, Egypt and Europe and recording tracks for their new album set for release soon, according to the artists.

Maryam Saleh released her solo album earlier this year, and has been promoting her album with her record label Eka3, who also act as a booking agent for Zeid's Lebanese project Zeid and the Wings. Hemdan is also famous for his project with Yasmine Hemdan, "Soapkills", combining electro and old Arabic music which, according to many Lebanese observers, brought a lot of focus to the Lebanese underground music scene in the 1990s.

Both the Egyptian and Lebanese underground music scene have been booming in the past years, gathering bigger audiences both in the online and offline world; so perhaps it is no surprise that two talented and prominent figures in both scenes collaborate on a new project. Their project is quite different to the work the two artists produce separately; what they call the "Arabic Trip Hop Project" focuses on reviving Sheikh Imam's heritage with electro beats, as well as other originals, mixing rock and electro music with Arab heritage music.

Read Ahram Online's interview with Zeid Hemdan and Maryam Saleh prior to their first performance together in June in Cairo here.



8pm, Saturday 28 October

River Hall, El Sawy Culturewheel

26 July Street, Zamalek

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