Basata band celebrates

Menna Taher, Saturday 27 Nov 2010

Egypt's popular fusion band at El Sawy Culturewheel tonight

Basata band
Basata Band

The popular youth fusion band Basata has won accolades since its formation two years ago. Like many bands in Egypt, the group knew little of what their future held -- how long they would survive in a landscape not the most condusive to creativity. 

Basata, literally meaning simplicity, was formed when the band members decided the flood of love songs produced in Egypt needed some mixing up. They gathered a group of young emerging poets to write the lyrics for them -- including Hesham el Gagh, the popular colloquial poet from Upper Egypt --assembled a popular oud, a qanoon, a guitar, a cello and a violin, and started to make music that, as they saw it, defied the status quo. The result: International success, and performances across both Egypt and Europe.

The band will be playing at El Sawy Culturewheel tonight (27 November) at 8 pm.

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