Egyptian super star Sherine signs album deal

Ahram Online, Tuesday 26 Mar 2013

Egypt's foremost singer, Sherine, signs a landmark deal, becoming the newest star to join Nogoum Records, Nile Radio Productions’ official record label

Hala Hegazi, Managing Director and COO of Nile Radio Productions (mother company of Nogoum Records, NRP Music, Nogoum FM and Nile FM) and Sherine Abdel Wahab, signing the record label contract. (Photo courtesy: NRP)

Egyptian famous singer, Sherine Abdel Wahab, known simply as Sherine throughout the whole Middle East, signed a deal on 20 March with the Nile Radio Production's (NRP) official record label, Nogoum Records.

"The deal was finalised after weeks of intense negotiations between the label and Sherine, who also received numerous offers from various veteran and leading record labels in Egypt and the Middle East," Nile Radio Production's official press release states, represented by Hala Hegazi, Managing Director and COO of Nile Radio Productions (mother company of Nogoum Records, NRP Music, Nogoum FM and Nile FM).

"Nogoum Records needed a female singer. A female voice and character that also has an effective and poetic musical presence and legacy in the region. We couldn’t think of anyone but Sherine Abdel Wahab; an artist and a singer whose voice reaches all Arabs and always carries a unique, warm and positive message to its listeners- no one can disagree on that. We will do our very best to promote and put Sherine’s next album on top of Arab music charts and maintain her musical legacy, furthermore, expanding it and taking it to new frontiers," Nogoum Records Director Karim El Hamidy said.

Nogoum Records promise to offer a "unique production" to all Sherine fans, but do not yet reveal the album's release date or any other details except that it will likely feature the usual 12 songs which will express "warmth, positivity and hope through every little detail."

According to Hamidy, albums produced by Nogoum Records are sold at affordable prices and are protected by the label's strong involvement in combating piracy. 

Sherine is the second artist to sign with Nogoum Records. Previously, the label signed a similar contract with another Egyptian superstar, pop singer Mohamed Hamaki producing his album Mn Alby Baghany (I Sing from My Heart), which was officially released in  August. The album remained number 1 on Egypt's music charts for several weeks.

The album contains songs covering a wide variety of topics and themes and it maintained its number 1 position on the music charts – in terms of sales - in Egypt since its release.

Nogoum recorded the album in their newly-opened, state-of-the-art NRP Recording Studios.

"The equipment, facilities, environment and team on board surpass international production standards, only matched by studios such as BBC, ABC and NBC. NRP Recording Studios are the only facility in the region to offer such standards. The mixing consoles – the SSL Duality and C-24, the output gear and arsenal of mics define who we are and our sound," reveals, Ahmed Deeb, manager at the NRP Recording Studios.

Nile Radio Production is one of the leading Egyptian Broadcasting and Media Production Companies, the only company with private radio stations. Their two stations with the highest listeners are Nogoum FM 100.6, broadcasting in Arabic, and Nile FM 104.2 in English.

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