PROGRAMME: Egyptian bands play at Jordanian Dum Tak festival

Ahram Online, Saturday 18 May 2013

Dum Tak music festival in Amman hosts several top alternative bands from Egypt and the Arab world, starting 28 May

Massar Egabri
Massar Egabri to perform in Dum Tak Festival (Photo: Rowan El Shimi)

Dum Tak Alternative Arab Music Festival will host some of the biggest independent musicians from all over the Arab world - including several from Egypt – between 28 May and 1 June in the Jordanian capital city Amman.

Egypt is represented by a collection of some of the biggest bands in the country's music scene, such as Wust El-Balad and Massar Egabri, who are considered pioneers in Cairo and Alexandria, respectively, along with emerging voices such as Cairokee, Salalem and Lebanese/Egyptian duo Zeid Hamdan and Maii Waleed.

The festival will also include Lebanese favourites Mashrou' Leila and Fareeq El-Atrash, in addition to Palestinian bands, Tout Ard and DAM.

As the festival takes place in Amman, naturally Jordanian bands are included. Dum Tak did select the icons of the Jordanian scene, who frequently perform in Cairo and Beirut as well such as Autostrad, Za'ed Na'es, El-Morabba', Alaa Wardi and Hayajan, Akher Zapheer and Jaddal.

Dum Tak Festival is hosted in Bisharat Golf Club near Amman, all events start at 8pm

Tuesday 28 May
Toot Ard (Palestine)
Salalem (Egypt)
Autostrad (Jordan)

Wednesday 29 May
Za’ed Na’es (Jordan)
El Morabba3 (Jordan)
Massar Egbari (Egypt)


Thursday 30 May
Fareeq El Atrash (Lebanon)
DAM (Palestine)
Cairokee & Zap Tharwat (Egypt)

Friday 31 May
Maii Waleed & Zeid Hamdan (Egypt & Lebanon)
Alaa Wardi & Hayajan (Jordan)
Wust El Balad (Egypt)

Saturday 1 June
Akher Zapheer (Jordan)
Jaddal (Jordan)
Mashrou’ Leila (Lebanon)

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