PROGRAMME: Alexandria Oufuqy Music Festival gears up for round two

Rowan El Shimi, Thursday 13 Jun 2013

Oufuqy Music Festival set to infiltrate Alexandria from 17-23 June; includes 12 concerts, 7 film screenings, 3 workshops and improvised jam night

Oufuky Music Festival (Left Photo: Mohamed El-Naggar)

Following Oufuqy's early success in attracting wide audiences and presenting a new forum for musical performance, the festival returns for a second round with an even more ambitious programme that aims to expand its reach.

The Oufuqy festival is the brainchild of Ayman Asfour, an Alexandrian violinist. Asfour runs 'El-Mashtal' (The Green House), the independent music scene development project which works in collaboration with the Gudran Association for Arts and Development.

The festival will take place from 17 to 23 June and will be hosted by an array of independent culture venues.

Oufuqy, which translates to "Horizontal," takes a unique approach to festival hosting that was inspired by Asfour's research on culture festivals in London.  The festival is held over a span of several days and offers music concerts, film screenings related to music, and musical workshops.

“Most festivals that host live concerts come in the form of a large condensed event over a short period (1-2 days) with many musicians and different genres playing one after the other,” Asfour told Ahram Online during the first edition of the festival. “This creates a vertical accumulation of music, which musically confuses the audience, where they end up listening to some of musicians and not all.”

This year, the organisers plan to take the horizontal approach even further by hosting the programme in a number of cultural venues. Some of these venues are run by Gudran, such as El-Cabina, El-Dokan and Wekalet Behna, while others are run by independent cultural organisations such as Janaklees for Visual Arts, El-Madina, Pause and the French Institute.  Other events will be hosted by Calithia restaurant and Hamada Café.

This expansion of event locations, according to Asfour, was done to give participants a chance to discover the independent cultural map of the city. He hopes this strategy will nurture a spirit of cooperation between the cultural actors and spaces that offer an alternative to mainstream arts in Alexandria.


Monday 17 June

5pm        Yellow Submarine (1968) Film Screening in El-Cabina
7.30pm   La Vie concert in El-Madina
9pm        Youssra El-Hawary concert in El-Cabina

Tuesday 18 June

3pm         Sound Theory Clinic by Hussein Sami in El-Cabina
5pm         Hold on my Glamorous (2009) film screening in El-Cabina
7.30pm    Ramy Sebei concert in Wekalet Behna
9pm         Tarek Abdalla concert and discussion in El-Cabina

Wednesday 19 June

5pm         Hair (1979) film screening in Janaklees for Visual Arts
7:30pm    Drum Clinic with Ismail El-Wahsh in Pause
9pm         Like Jelly concert in the French Institute

Thursday 20 June

5pm         Fela Kuti/Music is the Weapon (1982) film screening in El-Cabina
7:30pm    Takaseem concert in El-Dokan
9pm         High Dam concert in the French Institute

Friday 21 June

5pm         Crossing the Bridge (2005) film screening in Janaklees for Visual Arts
7:30pm    Maktoob concert in Janaklees for Visual Arts
9pm         Aya Metwalli concert in El-Cabina

Saturday 22 June

5pm         Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett Story (2003) film screening in Janaklees for Visual Arts
7:30pm    Fo' El-sefr Group with children of the neighbourhood concert in Hamada Café
9pm         Telepoetic concert in El-Cabina

Sunday 23 June

5pm         Latcho Drom (1993) film screening in El-Cabina
9pm         Improvised music night with Amir Elsaffar, Lety El-Naggar and Guests in the French Institute

In addition to the regular festival programme, late musical nights will be hosted in Calithia restaurant and bar


11 San Saba Street, behind cinema Rialto, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

2 Adeeb Street, El-Mansheya, Alexandria

Wekalet Behna
1 El-Keneisa El-Marounia, Orabi Square, El-Mansheya, Alexandria

French Institute
30 El-Nabi Daniel Street, Mahatet El-Raml, Alexandria

El-Madina Studio
8 Talaat Harb Street, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

Janaklees for Visual Arts
10 Hussein Hassan Street, Al-Azarita, Alexandria

Pause Studio
22 Sultan Hussein Street, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

Hamada Café
1 Sukkar Street, next to Chez Gaby restauraunt, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

83 El-Cournich road, El-Raml Station, Alexandria

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