PROGRAMME: El-Geneina theatre to host an array of independent musicians

Ahram Online, Tuesday 13 Aug 2013

During August and September El-Geneina Theatre is set to host Egyptian independent musicians from several genres on its stage in Azhar Park

El-Geneina Theatre
El-Geneina Theatre

After the success of the Ramadan Hayy Festival, El-Geneina Theatre continues to bring interesting and dynamic independent musicians to its stage at Al-Azhar Park with a diverse programme each weekend throughout August and September.

The theatre, run by The Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy), will host musicians from several genres, including progressive rock, oriental jazz, electro-pop, and other experimental musicians fusing different genres together.

The programme will begin with Uss we Lazq and Ashara Gharby, who fuse both oriental and western sounds, with lyrics that focus on social issues in their respective communities. Towards the end of the programme, Maghna Khana and Leil wa Ayen will perform, who also experiment with fusing different genres.

Kayan, who play classic rock, will perform followed by Darwasha, a unique project bringing together musicians to experiment with progressive rock, metal and electronic sounds while keeping an Arabic feel to the production style.

The programme will also bring the theatre group Habayebna, who have revived the art of monologue mastered by Ismail Yassin and Shokoukou, along with original skits that mix music with acting.

During the month of August, Instrumental band El Door El Awal will also perform jazz and oriental fusion.

Come September, Like Jelly will take the stage with their short musical comedy skits, using storytelling and music to comment on politics, society and even the environment with a humorous twist.

Also in the musical comedy genre, but an entirely a different project from Like Jelly, High on Body Fat will be performing in El-Geneina, mixing famous western pop tunes with Arabic lyrics, putting their audience in fits of laughter. They will be followed by Salalem, who use a classic pop arrangement to discuss social issues in Egypt.

Aly El Helbawy will be performing religious Islamic chanting, but with a western pop arrangement.

El-Geneina will also host popular music group Eskenderella who started off in 2005 singing popular songs by Sheikh Imam and Sayyid Darwish, with lyrics to the poetry by icons such as Fouad Haddad and Salah Jahine.

Independent female voices Maii Waleed and Nadah El-Shazly will also take the stage on separate nights, with Maii presenting  personal songs through her light-hearted, simple lyrics and guitar strumming. El-Shazly will close the programme bringing experimentations with oriental music, electronic sounds and her deep vocals.


Thursday, 15 August
Uss we Lazq and Ashara Gharbi

Thursday, 22 August
kayan and Darwasha

Saturday, 24 August

Saturday, 31 August 
El Door El Awwal

Thursday, 5 September
Like Jelly

Friday, 6 September 
Ali el Helbawy

Saturday, 14 September

Thursday, 19 September 
Maii Waleed

Saturday, 21 September 
Maghna Khana - Layl w ayne

Thursday, 26 September 
High on Body Fat - Salalem

Saturday, 28 September 
Nadah El Shazly 

All concerts start at 8.30pm
El-Genaina Theatre
Al-Azhar Park, Salah Salem Rd.

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