Ancient Viennese organ plays again after restoration

AFP , Tuesday 29 Mar 2011

A organ over three centuries old is restored and played again

The Woeckherl organ in Franziskaner church in Vienna, 22 March 2011. (Reuters)

One of the oldest organs in the world pealed again on Saturday after more than three years of restoration costing 1.3 million euros ($4.35 million).

A recital by Austrian organist Friedrich Lessky re-inaugurated the 369-year-old instrument in the Franciscan church in Vienna following its rebuild, paid for by public grants and donations from music lovers and members of the congregation.

Originally manufactured in 1642 by Viennese Johannes Woeckherl, it was commissioned by the Franciscans as the Thirty Years War was raging in Europe, as a sign of hope for a better future.

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