Global Water Dance Festival in El-Gouna

Ahram Online, Thursday 23 Jun 2011

'Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere' is set to make a short stop at El-Gouna on 25 June to spread environmental awareness regarding water issues through dance

'Dancing for Safe Water Everywhere' is the idea of the Global Water Dance Festival, providing a platform for awareness on environmental issues regarding sea water by dance as a medium for social change.

Beginning in the Western Pacific Rim, the Global Water Dance Festival made its debut touring the globe and on 25 June will be stopping for 24 hours in El-Gouna. Using dance and music, with the help of the Nature’s Gifts Company, the festival is to blend local water issues with the global struggle to ensure safe water for all human beings.

Through dance, the festival sheds light on the necessity of safe water drinking and raises consciousness about environmental problems and how to bring people together to work on solving these problems. Participants and viewers of Global Water Dances will learn about the critical role of humans in protecting water supplies. The organization believes that the movement of dance provides an embodied practice for community-building and can foster new understandings and behaviours.

The Global Water Dance Festival, El-Gouna, Red Sea, 25 June from 4:30pm until 10:00pm.

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