Egypt’s general secretary of culture resigns, stating he’s accomplished his mission

Sayed Mahmoud, Monday 25 Jul 2011

Ezzedine Choukri, the general secretary for the Supreme Council of Culture, resigned after he says he has completed his mandates of restructuring and setting a plan

Ezzedine Choukri has resigned from his post as the General Secretary for the Supreme Council of Culture, stating that he’s accomplished his mission. He claims they’ve accomplished the main goals that the Minister of Culture Emad Abou Ghazi has assigned, the most important of which is restructuring the Supreme Council of Culture.

Choukri stated that he has worked on a project to reform some of the inadequacies and, together with the minister, has made a plan to be published next year.

As for the restructuring, Choukri has declared that the discussion with intellectuals inside and outside the Higher Council of Culture during the past months has clarified the roles in the council.

However, there is still an ongoing debate over the independence of the Supreme Council of Culture from the ministry.

Choukry has stated that this debate will take a lot of time to sort out and that he cannot sacrifice writing and teaching at the American University in Cairo. He has already suggested many people for roles in the council.

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