Egypt's minister of culture unhappy over his general secretary's resignation

Ahmed Shawky, Monday 25 Jul 2011

Abou Ghazi would have preferred the General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Culture Ezzedine Choukri not resign so early

Emad Abou Ghazi

The minister of culture Emad Abou Ghazi had preferred that Ezzedine Choukri, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Culture, didn’t resign until he finish executing all the projects he was overseeing.

In a statement to the Ahram Portal, Abou Ghazi said: “His resignation did not surprise me and should not surprise anyone. His appointment was temporary and he was assigned to restructure the council. However, I would’ve liked him to stay for a couple of months to oversee the execution of the projects.”

Ezzedine Choukri has held the position for around four months.

“We will be appointing a new general secretary for the next three months to oversee the restructuring of the council,” Abou Ghazi stated.


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