Marrakech Art Fair 2011 focuses on contemporary African and Middle Eastern art

Ahram Online, Sunday 28 Aug 2011

The Marrakech Art Fair focuses more on African and the Middle Eastern contemporary artists, as they are going through the Arab Spring, and welcome Turkey as a special guest


In its second edition the Marrakech Art Fair is back at the Palace Es Saadi from 30 September to 3 October, with 45 international galleries exhibiting their major artists. About 20 additional galleries join the Marrakech Art Fair 2010 exhibitors.

Marrakech will pay homage to the Moroccan film maker Nabil Ayouch (Oscar-nominated) presenting two of his full-length movies, as well as videos by young Moroccan artists that he has produced since 2002, such as Wahid El Moutanna and Hicham Jebbari.

The participation of even such emblematic and far Turkish galleries, such as CDA Projects and PI Artworks Contemporary Centre illustrate the admirable vigour of the Mediterranean artistic scene.

The Marrakech Art Fair cultural circuit this year highlights video artists’ projects throughout Marrakech City.

Liberated Images, for example, is a photography and video exhibition that brings together a selection of Arab contemporary artists obsessed with the “culture of image” who strive to liberate themselves beyond the classical ways of expression.

Photos and videos reveal a sense of intimacy and question history and memory; freeing the imagination and emphasising the current Arab world’s politic tensions.

A series of roundtables, conference and a cultural circuit are planned for Marrakech Art Fair visitors in the most emblematic spots in the city.

The mythical cinema of Marrakech Le Colisée, the ESAV (Marrakech Graduate school of visual arts) and other places will welcome an artistic programme conceived by the National Center of Plastic Arts and present artists’ videos gathered by two sets of collectors: Jean-Michel and Charlotte Attal, and Jean Conrad and Isabelle Lemaître.

Numerous galleries returned for this second edition, confirming their support for the Marrakech Art Fair. Among them are: Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand (Paris), Jean Brolly (Paris), Di Meo (Paris), Dominique Fiat (Paris), Magnin-A (Paris), El Marsa (La Marsa), Le Violon Bleu (Tunis), L’Atelier 21 (Casablanca) and Galerie Shart (Casablanca).

Additional galleries are joining this second edition, such as Edwynn Houk (New York), Aidan (Moscow), Jean Fournier (Paris), Albert Benamou (Paris), Galerie Dix9 (Paris), Hotice Gallery (Milan), Art Space (Dubai), Athr Gallery (Jeddah), Le Sous-Sol Art Gallery (Agadir) and HD Galerie (Casablanca).

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