Al-Khedewi play sees light after 18 years banned

Ahram Online, Thursday 3 Nov 2011

Al-Hayat TV will feature "Al-Khedewei," a play by writer Farouk Goweda, banned for 18 years

Farouk Goweda

Al-Khedewi (The Khedive), a political play by Egyptian writer Farouk Goweda, is to be featured soon on Al-Hayat TV after being banned for 18 years. 

Safwat Al-Sharif, the right arm man of former president Hosni Mubarak banned the play from broadcasting 18 years ago due to the message it carries motivating people to revolt against the Mubarak regime.

According to the private TV station, Al-Khedewi predicted the revolution more than a decade ago and as Egypt approaches the Eid Al-Adha Islamic holiday, the play will be among its special programming.

Currently, a promo of the play is being screened on Al-Hayat, depicting the khedive of Egypt standing atop of a pyramid and auctioning Egypt to the highest bidder.

Al-Khedewi stars Egyptian theatre giants including Samiha Ayoub, Ashraf Abdel Ghafour, Abeer Al Sharkawi, Farouk Al-Demirdash, and Mahmoud Yassin, and is directed by Galal Al-Sharkawi.

The soundtrack of the play was composed by the late Mohamed El-Mogi. Al-Khedewi first debuted in 1993 at Al-Ballon Theatre.

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