Play written by Maspero victim performed 40 days after his death

Menna Taher, Saturday 19 Nov 2011

A play written by Michael Mossad, one of the martyrs of Maspero's 'Black Sunday', was performed in commemoration of 40 days after his death

Maikel Mossad
Maikel Mossad and Vivianne Magdy at their engagement party

Some images have become engraved in the collective memory of all Egyptians post-revolution: one of them is the image of Vivianne Magdy, who was agonisingly crying beside her crushed fiancée, who was run over by a military vehicle in Maspero’s "Black Sunday".

Last night marked 40 days since his death, and saw a play written by him performed at the Faisal Nada Theatre. Before the play some performers recited poetry or sung songs, relating to the Maspero massacre and religious intolerance.

The play, Samasret El-Mawt (Death Brokers), directed by Vivianne Magdy, is themed around the idea of religious intolerance; it depicts two neighbouring families, one Christian and one Muslim, and the tension between them.

It also depicted the role of the state television in misleading public opinion in a farcical manner, and satirised the role of religious leaders, who appear on television to widen the rift between Muslims and Copts.

The audience was highly responsive to the show and cheered heavily, laughed and clapped.

On 9 October a peaceful march by Copts condemning the attack on Mar Girgis Church in Merinab village was attacked by the army leaving 27 protesters dead. State television reported on the night that Coptic protesters were attacking the army.

An investigation is underway by the army; one prominent blogger and activist detained in connection to the events of that night is Alaa Abdel Fattah. He has refused to be questioned by the army persecution, saying they do not have authority to investigate the Maspero massacre because they are implicated in the events.

Abdel Fattah also rejects in principle military trials for civilians.

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