Minister of culture directs files to prosecutor

Ati Metwaly, Monday 26 Dec 2011

Evidence of corruption at the Cairo Opera House and Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts submitted to the public-prosecutor

Minister of Culture Shaker Abd El-Hamid. (Photo: Sherif Sonbol)

Shaker Abd El-Hamid, the Egyptian minister of culture, has told Ahram Online that files testifying to the corruption of several employees of the Cairo Opera House and the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Cairo were yesterday sent to the public prosecutor’s office. The minister did not reveal any further details regarding specific cases or names.

Over the past few months, clamping down on corruption in both of these institutions has become an oft-repeated demand. The management of the cultural institutions are accused of using their power for personal benefits and alleged financial manipulation. Protests were staged by the artists and technicians of the Cairo Opera House in mid-February 2011. In the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, the alleged corruption at the managerial level has also sparked anger aming several employees.

Management, wither previous or current, at many other artistic institutions, including the Ministry of Culture, face similar accusations from their employees.

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