Newly renovated Hanaguer Theatre opens

Menna Taher, Friday 6 Jan 2012

Following an extensive renovation project costing LE37 million, the Hanaguer Theatre now includes new gallery spaces, theatres and a 3D cinema

Reopening of Hanager


Amid a large number of artists and a strong media presence, the Hanaguer Theatre in the grounds of the Cairo Opera House grounds was inaugurated yesterday.

The new exhibition hall was opened upon the arrival of the minister of culture, Shaker Abdel Hamid, and displayed artworks by Egyptian artists such as Katie Abdel Malek, Ahmed Shiha, Hedayet El-Malawani, Ahmed Nabil, Ahmed Abdel Gawad, Farouk Wahbi, Abdel Salam Eid, Gamil Shafiq and Farid Fadel.

The 3D cinema hall was then opened and the head of the Hanaguer Theatre, Hoda Wasfi, gave a short speech.

“The Hanaguer Theatre has been a hub for all different kinds of art since its establishment in 1992,” she said. “In 2000 it was recognised as the best cultural centre in Mediterranean region,” she continued.

A film was then screened in the new 3D cinema hall about the history of the Hanaguer theatre. The culture minister introduced the film and emphasised the important role of the theatre in scouting for new talent.

Egyptian actor Nour El-Sherif, who had acted on the Hanaguer stage, also introduced the film and said that the theatre is a place where talent can grow.

The film included excerpts of performances from the past and newspaper clippings of important events that had taken place in the theatre.

The opening night was concluded with a theatre performance titled Aho Da Elly Sar (This is What Happened) directed by Mohsen Helmy and written by Mohamed Refaei.

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