EVENTS SCHEDULE: Commemorating the Egyptian revolution

Farah Montasser, Sunday 15 Jan 2012

Although the Egyptian revolution is far from over, a number of cultural venues across Egypt celebrate the revolution's one-year anniversary

Tahrir Square
Tahrir Square in the eyes of Georges Bahgoury

A year has passed since the January 25 Revolution succeeded in ousting President Hosni Mubarak from 30 years in power. Music, film theatre and visual artists contributed in many ways to the revolution and set forward a lot of talents and ideas throughout the past year.

Although there is public debate over whether the revolution actually brought satisfactory results (many say not much has changed in Egypt and that the revolution is far from over) a number of cultural venues across Alexandria and Cairo will hold commemorative events:


Visual Arts: 

Aam El Thawra (A Year of Revolution) Exhibition

Aam El Thawra is a collective visual art exhibition of photography and paintings that document the Egyptian revolution from 25 January 2011 until today. Also, young artists present their future vision for the country. The exhibition opened Thursday 12, January and will continue until Thursday 19 January at Gallery 95 in Alexandria.

Gallery 95, Kasr El Tathawoq, 9 Port Said Street, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria


Salata Exhibition at Tache Art Gallery

Opened yesterday, Saturday 14 January and running until end of February is the Salata (Salad) exhibition by Egyptian artist Hany Rashed at Tache Art Gallery in Cairo. Rashed continues to explore life by mixing media and painting his reflections of the changing world around him. Rashed, now in an ambiance where many censors have been lifted off the arts, tackles revolution while trying to come to terms with it himself. The prolific artist is bold, and his pop-art style and masterful collage evolve with fluidity over the course of his meandering art career.

Tache Art Gallery, S-139 El Sahara District, Designopolis, Km 38 Cairo- Alexandria Road, Cairo


Ziad Bakir Exhibition

In memory of Egyptian artist Ziad Bakir, a martyr of the January 25 Revolution, El Hanager Gallery will feature the works of the late Bakir. Bakir’s family have been planning to feature their late son’s work for more than five months now and “finally it is happening,” says his mother Sausan Fouad. The exhibition will open on Wednesday 18 January at 6.30pm and will run until 31 January.

El Hanager Gallery, at the Cairo Opera House Grounds, El Gezira, Cairo


Bahgoury on Revolution Exhibition

On Sunday, 22 January, Egyptian artist Georges Bahgoury will present his latest paintings at ALMASAR Gallery under the title “Bahgoury on Revolution.” Through his paintings, Bahgoury expresses his feelings and musings on the Egyptian revolution and the Egyptian people. He sheds gives a rundown of events in 2011, the warmth of the Egyptian social life and other inspirations, such as the charm of Egyptian music and the music legend, Um Kolthoum, who sang many patriotic songs that embodied the will of the Egyptian people. “Bahgoury on Revolution” will run until 17 February.

ALMASAR Gallery, 26 July Street, Zamalek, Cairo


Arab Spring Exhbition

Gallery 95 at the Tathawoq (Taste) Palace invites all young Egyptian talents to participate in its upcoming visual arts exhibition to open on Tuesday, 24 January. Under the title “Freedom,” Gallery 95 will feature the works of all participants who document the revolutions and events that took place over the past year, from misery to victory.

Gallery 95, Kasr El Tathawoq, 9 Port Said Street, Sidi Gaber, Alexandria



Eskenderella band presents their Suez concert

The popular, patriotic Egyptian band, Eskenderella, will perform at El Sawy Culturewheel on Thursday, 19 January their latest symbolic songs of Egyptian heritage, in addition to its own. Eskenderella celebrates its sixth year anniversary as it stands in solidarity with the ongoing Egyptian revolution.

El Sawy Culturewheel (River Hall) 26 July Street, Zamalek, Cairo, 8:30pm


Concert by Aly El Haggar

Renowned Egyptian singer and musician Aly El Haggar will celebrate the Egyptian revolution and vows to stand in support of its continuity until all demands are met with his concert at El Sawy Culturewheel on the anniversary of the revolution: Wednesday, 25 January. El Haggar, along with his musicians, son and brother, have been working all year to reflect the Egyptian society, the events that took place during 2011 and the belief in the eventual triumph of the Egyptian people with a number supportive songs, ending by his song “Dehket El Masageen” written by Egyptian poet Abdel Rahman El Abnody.

El Sawy Culturewheel, 26 July Street, Zamalek, Cairo



Masry Asly Film Festival

Starting Thursday, 19 January, the Italian Cultural Institute will host Masr Asly (Original Egyptian) Film Festival. Masry Asly Film Festival is an itinerant film festival organised in the framework of the EU co-funded project Rising Stars – Itinerant Cinema in Egypt. The aim of the project is to support and enhance independent Egyptian productions through workshops, open public screenings, production of short documentaries and a film festival to disseminate the work of Egyptian filmmakers all over the country. This festival will present a collection of films made by Egyptians, produced in Egypt or talking about Egypt, under the artistic direction of film critic Essam Zakarea. In line with the film festival, the Italian Cultural Institute will also host a photography exhibition with backstage and still photos from the Rising Stars documentaries’ production to accompany the screenings.

Masry Asly will stay in Cairo until 22 January then will tour Egypt, exhibiting in Port Said from 28- 30 January and ending at Minya from 2-4 February.

Cairo screenings:
Italian Cultural Institute, 3 El Sheikh El Marsafi, Zamalek

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