Comics workshop for children

Friday 7 Jan 2011

Comic workshop for Children ages 7-11 will teach children fundamentals of comics, including sketching and character development

Comic workshop

Studio Emad Eddin Foundation and Orient Productions will hold a comic workshop for Children ages 7-11, between 30 January and 3 February.

The workshop aims to teach children about the concepts of sketching and developing a comic character as well as developing a storyline for a comic strip. Finally, each participant will create one comic project.

This workshop is part of a comprehensive project revolving the children’s play “Hassan x2 and the Magic Well,” which will be performed between 17-25 February at the AUC Fallaky Theater.

The workshop will take place daily from 30 January until 3 February, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Workshop instructor: Yara Kassem

Yara Kassem graduated from Fine Arts College, Helwan University, in 2002, where she studied book illustration and cartooning. Yara worked as the editorial cartoonist with a number of international magazines and participated as a freelance illustrator in a number of international cartoon and illustration competitions. In November 2010, Yara became the editorial cartoonist of the Egyptian El Badil daily newspaper.


Deadline for receiving applications: 23 January

Applications can be downloaded at:
The workshop is free of charge.








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