Minister of Culture appoints new head for the Freedom Centre for Creativity

MENA and Ahram Online, Sunday 19 Feb 2012

Minister of Culture Shaker Abdel Hamid appoints new head of the Board of Directors for the Freedom Center for Innovation in Alexandria

Minister of Culture Shaker Abdel Hamid issued a decree to restructure the Freedom Centre for Creativity in Alexandria under the presidency of Mostafa Abdel Moti, the former head of the Egyptian Academy in Rome.

Furthermore, the newly appointed board of directors will include writer Haggag Adoul, musician Hamdy Abdel Raouf, poets Sabri Abou Alam and Alaa Khaled, and artist Maher Girgis. Also among the board members are Mahmoud Rushdi, crisis management professor and the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, as well as Hisham Saudi, along with Hisham Abdallah and the current director of the centre Waleed Kanoush.

According to Ahram Online, Abdel Moati had been active in the arts scene of Egypt with a number of art exhibitions, as a former full-time professor at the Faculty of Arts in Alexandria, and as the president of the National Centre for Fine Arts.

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