Benefit art exhibition in S California for Syria

Ati Metwaly, Friday 24 Feb 2012

A Syrian-American artist living in Southern California pulls together an exhibition aiming to raise funds for Syria

Sama Wareh painting

US-based Syrian-American artist, Sama Wareh, presents her work on 25 February with other artists' works in Laguna Beach, Southern California to raise money for Syrians in need.

A $10 entrance fee covers food, music with any leftover going towards the United Nations Central Emergency Relief Fund, which will then donate that to help Syrians.

A Hispanic American artist and a group of supporters operating under the name "Group Art Exhibition for Syria" will donate 30 per cent of the profit sold from their art pieces.

Except for Sama Wareh herself who tells Ahram Online "I will be donating all of my commission, which is 80 per cent (20 per cent goes to the gallery owner to cover the rent fees)."

Wareh has family still living in Syria.

The event is inspired by another exhibition that took place on 17 February at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Centre, where Wareh also participated.

"I did a live painting on stage with Samih Choukeir, to his actual music. Then we auctioned off the piece when I was finished and it sold for $5,000. I also sold some other art that night and was able to raise $7,130, which went to the Zakat Organisation for Syria," Wareh recalls.

Sawa Mareh's art show will take place on Saturday 25 February at the Blue Jay Art Gallery in Laguna Beach.

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