Egypt's modern dance performance about Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid to stage in Bahrain

Ahram Online , Wednesday 19 Feb 2020

Directed and choreographed by Walid Aouni, Domoo’ Hadid (Hadid's Tears) premiered at the Cairo Opera House last year

Zaha Hadid
(Photo: Bassam Al-Zoghby)

Presented by the Cairo Opera House Modern Dance Company, the performance titled Domoo’ Hadid (Hadid's Tears) will be staged at the Bahrain National Theatre, Manama, Bahrain.

The performance, which sheds light on renowned Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, is part of Bahrain's Spring of Culture, an event which runs through the months of February to April. Hadid's Tears will be staged on 25 February.

Hadid's Tears is directed and choreographed by Walid Aouni, and it premiered on the stage of the Cairo Opera House last year followed by multiple successful reruns.

The title of the performance can be read in two ways, Iron Tears or Hadid's Tears, since word Hadid – which is also the architect's family name – means "iron."

In her review about the performance, published in Al-Ahram Weekly, Nora Amin points out that "the game of tears is far from simple, however, since iron is also a vital medium in Hadid’s work and so becomes an important element of the choreography and scenography of the piece. Aouni wants to reflect on the iron shapes of Zaha as being forms of iron sadness. He attempts to create shapes and constructions that are both material and abstract, architectural and metaphoric, spatial and aesthetic."

Amin goes on to explain that as a choreographer, he "interweaves the emotional with the scenographic and the embodied, he moves onto a multi-layered metaphorical stage language, in which the key alphabet lies in the equivalence between architectural constructions, the body and sadness."

Lebanese Cairo-based choreographer, scenographer and director, Aouni has directed more than 25 shows for the Egyptian Modern Dance Theatre Company, which was founded with him being its first choreographer and artistic director. Many of his shows saw multiple reruns due to their high success, some travelled outside Egypt.

Active in Egypt's scene, Aouni has also directed and created choreography for many ceremonies for the Ministry of Culture and has contributed to various other national celebrations in Egypt.

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