Art Alert: Port Said's El-Tanbura Troupe return to live performance

Ahram Online , Sunday 6 Sep 2020

Founded by Zakaria Ibrahim in 1989 in Port Said, El-Tanbura has worked to revive folkloric songs played on the stringed instrument, the simsimia

File Photo from a performance of El-Tanbura (File Photo: Amira El-Noshokaty)

Port Said-based folk troupe El-Tanbura are back at their favourite stage of El-Dammah Theatre on Thursday, 17 September, after months of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

"El-Tanbura will be back at El-Dammah Theatre after months away from our beloved fans," stated the theatre through social media, urging fans to attend.
Founded by Zakaria Ibrahim in 1989 in Port Said, El-Tanbura has worked to revive folkloric songs played on the simsimia, a stringed instrument. The troupe now includes about 20 members, including musicians and singers as well as ‎philosophers, fishermen, builders, plumbers and vendors, ranging in ‎age from the 20s to 80-years-old.
The award-winning band, who have performed all over the world, from Canada to Europe to Australia and Africa, have released two albums, Between the Desert and the Sea and Friends of Bambouti, in partnership with English production company 30IPS and El-Mastaba Centre for Egyptian Folk Music.
As well as the simsimia, the group features the ‎tanbura (a long-necked string instrument), the nay (a kind of flute), the kawala (a kind of flute), the tabla (a drum), the triangle, the sagat (small cymbals), the shakhalil (castanets) ‎and the riq (a kind of tambourine).
Founded by El-Mastaba Centre in 2010, El-Dammah Theatre, a performance hall of around 100 seats in the Abdeen area of Cairo, is a space known for hosting traditional folkloric music events such as simsimya, Rango, Nubian, Sufi, Bedouin and Upper Egyptian traditional music.
Cultural events and activities in Egypt resumed in July as part of the country's gradual reopening after the Covid-19 shutdown. All events are being held under strict measures that include social distancing, wearing face masks, and sanitisation.


Thursday 17 September, 8pm
30 A El Belaasa St, Abdeen,downtown

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