Egypt's well known comedian Mohamed Henedi honored during Artistic Creativity Center performance 'Cinema Masr'

Ahram Online , Wednesday 28 Oct 2020

Directed by Khaled Galal, Cinema Masr is one of the most successful performances showcasing students of Artistic Creativity Center's 'Actors Studio'

Mohamed Henedi
Actor Mohamed Henedi (centre left) and director Khaled Galal (centre right) surrounded by actors of 'Cinema Masr' (Photo: courtesy of Artistic Creativity Center)

Director Khaled Galal honored, on Tuesday, Egypt's well known comedian Mohamed Henedi who attended the performance of 'Cinema Masr' at Artistic Creativity Centre located at the Cairo Opera House grounds.

Born in 1965, Henedi's journey as an actor began in the early 1990s, with initially only short appearances in theaters and cinemas. He gained a significant acclaim for his two bigger roles in films such as Ismailia Rayeh Gay (1997), Al Batal (1997) and Sa'eedi fil gamaa el amrekeia (1998). He later starred in the movies Hamam fi Amsterdam (1999) directed by Said Hamed, Belia we demagho el alia (2000) by Nader Galal, Saheb Sahbo (2002) in which he shared the screen with Ashraf Abdel-Baky. 

The following years coined Henedi as one of the leading comedians of his generation appearing in numerous films and occasionally in television series. His latest film is King Size (2020), a comedy fantasy directed by Islam Khairy; while according to IMDb, the actor is currently working on The Mongoose and the Humans (El Nems W El Ens) directed by Sharif Arafah and scheduled for release later this year.

Egypt's well known comedian also dubbed the voices of Timon, Mike Wazowski and Homer Simpson for the Egyptian versions of The Lion King, Monsters, Inc., and The Simpsons respectively.

Mohamed Henedi
Actor Mohamed Henedi, director Khaled Galal, and cast of 'Cinema Masr' (Photo: courtesy of Artistic Creativity Center)

Following the performance of Cinema Masr, Khaled Galal offered a certificate of appreciation to Henedi, signed by all the actors participating in the performance. In return, Henedi signed the guest book of the show, in the presence of a number of artists, including artist Mai Farouk, director Tamer Mahdy, and artist Mostafa Shawky.

Henedi expressed his pleasure adding that the existence of Actors studio makes the whole artistic scene proud and that he believes in the many talented artists who are yet to graduate from the programme.

It is a common practice for Galal, also head of the cultural production affairs sector and director of the Artistic Creativity Center, to honor the unique artists and guests of the performances staged by the centre.

He also sheds light on the many artists who have greatly contributed to the development of the Egyptian cinema and theatre and even those who are no longer with us. For example, in January this year, renowned late Egyptian filmmaker Saad Arafa was honoured during the celebration of the 100th run of the play Cinema Masr. During the celebration, which took place on Sunday, Amr Arafa, the son of the late director, was offered a certificate carrying the name of his father. 

Mohamed Henedi
Actor Mohamed Henedi signs the guest book of the Artistic Creativity Centre (Photo: courtesy of Artistic Creativity Center)

Cinema Masr’s cast includes 65 students presenting on stage more than 40 scenes from memorable Egyptian films set in a dramatic context created by the director.

The Actors Studio operates at the Artistic Creativity Center, affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund.

Under Galal, during the past two decades, hundreds of actors enrolled at the Studio have graduated and entered the theatre and film scene, with its most successful play being Qahwa Sada (Black Coffee), which premiered in 2008.

Many of Qahwa Sada's (Black Coffee) actors have become popular in Egyptian theatre and cinema, including Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Sallam, Mohamed Shahin, Hossam Dagher, Mohamed Fahim, Mohamed Mamduh, Amir Salah Eldin, Hisham Ismael, and many others.

'Cinema Masr' premiered in July 2019 and ever since saw dozens of reruns in Cairo and Alexandria.

Mohamed Henedi
Actor Mohamed Henedi in the audience during the performance of Cinema Masr at the Artistic Creativity Centre (Photo: courtesy of Artistic Creativity Center)


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