Al Hanager Theatre to comemorate Egyptian Director El-Sayed Radi tonight

MENA, Monday 30 Apr 2012

Minister of Culture honours the late Egyptian director El Sayed Radi at Al Hanager Theatre tonight Monday 30 April

El Sayed radi

To mark the passing of Egyptian director El-Sayed Radi three years ago, Al Hanager Theatre will host an artistic evening tonight, Monday 30 April, announced Mohamed Ali, head of the National Centre for Theatre.

The evening will include a ceremonial exhibition of the late Radi's belongings, as well as a documentary about his life and career.

Minister of Culture Shaker Abdel Hamid is to join the celebration. According to Ali, Abdel Hamid will present the Radi family the shield of the Ministry and the National Centre for Theatre, honouring the late director for his contribution to Arab theatre and the film industry.

Abdel Hamid will also distribute certificates of honour, carrying the Radi name, to his lifelong colleagues and friends in the business, including Egytian actors Ahmed Bedeir, Hassan Youssef, and Hala Fakher, and writer Baheeg Ismail.

The late director is considered one of the most important directors of comedy theatre in the Arab world. Radi also served as president of the Federation of Arab Artists.

The artistic evening will take place at Al Hanager Theatre in in the grounds of the Cairo Opera House in Zamalek at 9pm.

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