SCAF member might join the Supreme Council of Culture permanently

Ahram Online, Monday 30 Apr 2012

Egyptian minister of culture Shaker Abdel Hamid denies involvement in proposed law for member of armed forces to be at ministry of culture

SCAF vs Culture

 Amidst speculation, Minister of Culture Shaker Abdel Hamid denies his ties with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF). He also rejected the accusation that he had any involvement in the proposed law to include a member of the armed forces permanently at the Supreme Council of Culture.

Abdel Hamid described it as one of many proposal submitted by a member of the Advisory Committee to the Supreme Council of Culture.

According to Ahram Arabic, the minister denied submitting this proposal to the SCAF directly without passing it through the People's Assembly.

Information regarding the proposed law to include the director of public affairs of the military council as a permanent member at the Supreme Council of Culture was leaked within the past few days. Secretary-General of the Council Said Tawfiq and the minister himself denied the ministry’s involvement with the proposal and Tawfiq himself even stated his objection to such a proposal.

According to Tawfiq, the proposal has yet to be discussed and is expected to be presented to parliamentary committees and a group of intellectuals on Wednesday.

The Advisory Committee had been formed by the Supreme Council of Culture to re-examine its organisational structure, the restructuring of its laws and committees, and setting new standards for granting state awards.

The Advisory Committee includes constitution advisor Mohamed Nour Farahat, law professor Hossam Issa, and political science and economics professor Hazem Hosni, among others.

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