Egyptian National Theatre hosts 15 nights of Khaled Galal's adaptation of Chekhov's 'Chorus Girl'

Eslam Omar , Monday 12 Jul 2021

The light comedy titled 'Leiletkom Saida', starring talents of the Actor's Studio, was released on YouTube last year as part of the Culture Between Your Hands Initiative

‘Leiletkom Saida’ (‘Good Evening’), a theatrical localising and adaptation of its acclaimed director Khaled Galal, based on Russian Anton Chekhov’s short story ‘The Chorus Girl’, has kicked off a 15-night run hosted by the National Theatre on Sunday.

“The National Theatre has a special magic. When we stand on its stage, we feel very proud. Nothing is like this theatre in the whole Arab world,” stated Galal, who heads the Cultural Production Affairs Sector and the Artistic Creativity Centre, during the opening, which was attended by tens of viewers, including artists and officials of the Culture Ministry’s Theatre Artistic House.

Running every night at 8 until 18 July, the light comedy ‘Leiletkom Saida’ — which casts some of Galal’s Actor’s Studio’s talents, including Mohamed Aly Rezk, Mariam El-Sokkary, Passant Seyam, Marwa Eid, Alhan El-Mahdy, and Nadeem Hisham — will be paused during the Eid Al-Adha Muslim feast, before returning back on 29 July until 3 July.

‘Leiletkom Saida’s’ crew includes decor and lighting designer Amr Abdallah, assistant director Ahmed Fouad, and executive director Ola Fahmy.

A performance of ‘Leiletkom Saida’ was televised and released on YouTube amid the Culture Ministry’s COVID-19 lockdown’s Culture Between Your Hands initiative, last year, gaining 4,195 views since 23 July 2020.

The 1967-born, multi-awarded director Khaled Galal, who was among the honourees of Egypt’s 3rd World Youth Forum in late 2019, has directed and wrote numerous plays with the Actor’s Studio’s graduation projects ‘Qahwa Sada’, ‘Sallem Nafsak’, and ‘Cinema Masr’ being among his most famous works, which were attended by hundreds of star artists, filmmakers, and VIPs.

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