Veteran Egyptian dramatist Faisal Nada dies at 81

Ahram Online , Tuesday 17 Aug 2021

Egyptian Culture Ministry orders a minute of silence before each performance staging on Tuesday at the state’s theatres to mourn the late dramatist

Faisal Nada
File Photo: writer Faisal Nada. Al-Ahram

Acclaimed veteran Egyptian writer Faisal Nada passed away on Tuesday at the age of 81, leaving behind a collection of hundreds of theatre plays, films, radio and TV series.

“Faisal Nada portrayed Egyptian society with a specific style,” said Egyptian Culture Minister Ines Abdel-Dayem, mourning the loss of the writer, whose works she described as “an important part of cinema, theatre and TV in Egypt and the Arab nation.”

The culture ministry has set a minute of silence on Tuesday before each play being staged at the state’s theatres.

Born in 1940, Nada started writing in the late 1960s, proving excellence in different genres. The iconic TV series ‘Hareb men Alayam’ (A Fugitive of the Days), starring Abdallah Ghieth, was among his very first works.

Writing many screenplays for cinema, TV and radio, Nada saw exceptional commercial success in writing one of the most important Arabic comedy theatre classics ‘Al-Motazawegoun’ in the late the 70s, starring his late friends Samir Ghanim and George Sedhom, the same iconic comedy crew he later collaborated with in another hit; ‘Ahlan Ya Doctor.’

His long filmography includes successful movies like ‘Qadiyet Samiha Badran’, ‘Al-Moghtasiboun’, ‘El-Faggala’, ‘Ya Rab Walad’, ‘El-Mallema Samah’, ‘Desouky Afandy Fil Masyaf and ‘Seif Sakhen Geddan’, to name but a few.

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