Samir El-Asfoury’s ‘Fi Entizar Baba’ premiers at National Theatre

Eslam Omar , Monday 15 Nov 2021

The Ministry of Culture’s Artistic Theatre House has launched on Sunday its latest production titled ‘Fi Entizar Baba’ (‘Waiting for Daddy’) on the stage of the National Theatre; a play directed by renowned hit-maker Samir El-Asfoury.

 Fi Entizar Baba
Fi Entizar Baba , the latest play of Egyptian renowned director Samir El-Asfoury, premiered Sunday at the National Theater (Photo: Adel Sabri)

Attended by several artists, critics, and theatre personas, the premiere of the show that witnessed the return of the acclaimed director, received quite the applause.

The show is El-Asfoury’s adaptation of an ancient Greek Iliad poem of Homer with the application of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud’s analysis of the ‘Electra complex’, portraying mythical characters in a series of complicated situations.

The play stars Samah Anwar, Ahmed Salama, Entisar, Mofid Ashour, and others, with music composed by Ahmed El-Nasser, choreography designed by Dia’a Shafiq, and décor built up by Ihab El-Awamry.

Samir El-Asfoury, 84, is one of the most successful theatre directors in the country and has served in a number of managerial posts. Throughout his long career of writing, directing, and acting, he collaborated with legendary crews.

He directed several of the most famous Arab theatre hits like ‘Al-Eyal Kebret’, ‘Ennaha Haqqan A’ela Mohtarama’, ‘Hazemny Ya’, and ‘Alabnda’, to name a few.

‘Fi Entizar Baba’ will be on the stage of the National Theater in Al-Attaba everyday (except Wednesday) at 8pm.

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