Italian theatre professor Danilo Cremonte to present acting workshop in Cairo

Eslam Omar , Sunday 21 Nov 2021

Renowned Italian director and actor Danilo Cremonte will present a workshop titled ‘Creativity and Improvisation’ during the upcoming 28th Cairo International Festival of Experimental Theatre (CIFET), taking place from14 to 19 December in the Egyptian capital.

Danilo Cremonte

“This workshop, that searches and examines our own motivations as actors, will be the core guiding line and principle to apply throughout the whole training process,” stated Cremonte, adding that “actors will be asked to look into their very own personal stories and experiences through a bundle of games to practice the usage of space, energy and rhythms.”

Professional body-language trainings are planned within the workshop, focusing on systemised breathing according to either physical or emotional tension, as well as voice and sounding exercises in interaction with surroundings.

Danilo Cremonte, who studied at Arte Musica Spettacolo Bologna and serves as an artistic director at Perugia’s Human Beings International Cross-Cultural Theatre Workshop, is also a visiting professor in the Shandong National Theatre of China since 2019.

Directing a number of theater workshops in Germany, Italy and China, Cremonte participated in the Teatro Refugio documentary, directed by Guy Anastasio.

The 20-hour workshop will be divided into four hours daily for five consecutive days for a maximum of 20 participants selected by the festival from nominees registered through the website.

Under helms of president Gamal Yakout, the 28th CIFET will showcase 16 performances, selected from over 250 plays from Egypt, Greece, UK, Italy, Denmark, Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia, Palestine, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Kuwait.

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