Egyptian veteran actress Soheir El-Bably dies at 86

Eslam Omar , Sunday 21 Nov 2021

Egyptian renowned actress Soheir El-Bably died in Cairo on Sunday at the age of 86 after being in a coma for almost three weeks at an intensive care unit.

Soheir El-Bably

Many artists, cultural personas, and entities have mourned the departure of the iconic actress who collaborated with some of the best crews of different generations, leaving a legacy of theatre, cinema, and TV classics.

A theatre expert; Soheir El-Bably starred in a few of the most loved Arab classics like ‘Madraset Al-Moshaghebein’, ‘Raya Wi Skeina’, ‘Al-Dokhoul Bel-Malabes Al-Rasmeya’, ‘Ala Al-Raseef’, and ‘Atteya Al-Erhabia.’

Her filmography includes some of the most famous productions of the 50s and the 90s, such as ‘Sawak Nus Al-Leil’ (1958), ‘Youm Men Omri’ (1961), ‘Akhtar Ragol Fil Alam - Mr. X’ (1967), ‘Amira Hobbi Ana’ (1974), ‘The Resignation of a Nuclear Scientist’ (1980), and Youssef Chahine’s ‘Haddota Masreya’ (1982) in the role of Yehia’s Mother, to name but a few.

Her TV hits include ‘Alf Leila Wi-Leila - Arous El-Bohour’ (1985) and her most remarkable TV classic is ‘Bakiza Wi Zaghloul’ (1986).

Born in Damietta on 14 February 1935, El-Bably pursued her studies at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts and the Institute of Music.

She retired at her peak in the late 90s after appearing in over 100 works, before returning in 2006 with the TV series ‘Alb Habibi’.

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