Renowned Egyptian actor Khaled El-Sawi to take part in Hamlet Upside Down theatre play through holography

Ahram Online , Thursday 13 Jan 2022

Playwright, director and actor Khaled El-Sawi will present Hamlet's ghost in a hologram fused into Hamlet Upside Down, directed by Mazen El Gharabawy.

Director Mazen El Gharabawy L and actor Khaled El Sawi R

The play Hamlet Upside Down will open on the stage of Cairo's Salam Theatre later this month.

Written by Sameh Mahran and directed by Mazen El-Gharabawy, El-Sawi will present the character of Hamlet's ghost using 3D mapping and hologram technology.

As revealed by the director, the play is full of surprises, and the choice of the star Khaled El-Sawi is the most important of them. "I present this character for the first time in an Egyptian theatre through a modern technology. We are currently working on filming El-Sawi's scenes which will appear during the play," he added.

Born in 1963 in Alexandria, El-Sawi is among the leading film actors of his generation. Following his studies at the Academy of Theatrical Arts, El-Sawi began his theatre career, soon shifting his focus onto film and television where he worked as an assistant director, director and actor. He was assistant director in the film Samaka we Arbaa Oroush (“A Fish and Four Sharks”), and a director for several programmes released on the Nile International Network's satellite channels.

El-Sawi co-founded the Egyptian Foundation for Theater Enthusiasts. He wrote a number of theatre plays including Haflet Maganin (“Crazy Party”) and Operette El-Darfil (“The Dolphin Operette”), for which he won the Taymour Award for Theatrical Ingenuity in 1991 and 1992 respectively.

El-Sawy's career includes a variety of distinct roles in film, including Emaret Yacoubian (“Yacoubian Building”), Keda Reda, Cabaret, El Farah (“The Wedding”) and El-Feel El-Azraq” (“The Blue Elephant”). He also starred as a lead in television series Tofahet Adam (“Adam's Apple”) and Khatem Suleiman (“Suleiman's Ring”).

Mazen El-Gharabawy is an Egyptian director and actor, and head of the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theatre Festival for Youth. A graduate from the Academy of Theatrical Arts, his acting credits include Downtown Girls (2005), and The Thief and the Book (2010). He directed a number of plays, such as The Rituals of Life and Death (2013), and Midsummer Night's Dream (2015), and a short film The Legacy of Humiliation (2010). While in recent years his main focus has been directed towards the Sharm El-Sheikh International Theatre Festival for Youth, through which he provides numerous creative cooperations while providing platform for Arab and international theatre artists to present their works, El Gharabawy continues to direct plays at Egyptian theatres.

The date of Hamlet Upside Down’s premiere is yet to be revealed.

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