Cultural Development Fund to offer numerous activities throughout Ramadan 2022

Ahram Online , Wednesday 30 Mar 2022

Starting 10 April (9 Ramadan), venues operating under the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Development Fund will offer a number of events that will take audiences on spiritual and traditional adventures during Ramadan evenings.

Cultural Development Fund

The first event will be marked by the inauguration of a calligraphy exhibition at Cairo’s northern wall in the Gamaleya district.

The exhibition will run till 23 April.

Furthermore, music and poetry activities will take place across numerous centres, many of which will be in historic buildings. These events will kick off on 12 April, starting with the ‘Spiritual Nights of Shrines’ at El-Ghoury Dome.

In the days to follow, the same location will host the El-Tanoura Heritage Troupe, Harpist Manal Mohie El-Din, Ali El-Helbawy, El-Nour Wi El-Amal Orchestra, the Mawlawi Dervishes’ Ensemble, the Nazra Ensemble for Religious Chanting, and others. 

Additionally, the Prince Taz Palace will host Amer El-Tuni and the Mawlawi Dervishes, followed by concerts by Wael El-Fashni, Radwa Saeed, oudist duo Ghassan and Dina, Sheikh Mahmoud El-Tohamy, the performances of the Bait El-Oud Orchestra, as well as the play ‘Sahina Ya Sina’, which was written by Khamis Ezz El-Arab and directed by Issam El-Shuwaikh.

The rest of the centres will also be witnessing a number of distinguished cultural activities and events, most notably the Bashtak Palace, which will host Angham Mostafa, Ibrahim Rashid, and the El-Khan Troupe.

Meanwhile El-Suhaimi House will feature the Qasr El-Ghouri Arabic Music Ensemble, Sheikh Zain Mahmoud, El-Haramlik Ensemble, Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Hadawi, and Sheikh Ihab Younis.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, the House of Arabic Poetry will present a number of evenings filled with music and literary gatherings, including recitations of Sufi poetry. 

Moving on, the Oud House will host Tarek El-Azhari and Mario Said with their respective ensembles.

Furthermore, the Talaat Harb Cultural Centre will be availing its stage to a theatre play titled ‘The Great Night’ along with a number of art workshops.

Special workshops aiming to boost children’s creativity in terms of calligraphy and storytelling will also be held at the Child Creativity Centre in Beit El-Ainy.

Additionally, the Egyptian Architectural House will hold an evening in which attendees will listen to readings of various books, such as ‘The Trilogy of Ibn Tulun’ and ‘The Architecture of the Ayyubid State in Egypt’, alongside a photography exhibition of the Mawlids in El-Mahrousa.

In Alexandria, the Freedom Creativity Centre’s evenings will include concerts by Ali El-Helbawi, and the Mawlawi Dervishes.

The exact dates of each performance are available at the Cultural Development Fund’s website.

*Please note that there may be possible changes to the schedule during Ramadan.

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