Gaber Asfour, new Minister of Culture, resigns

Ati Metwaly, Wednesday 9 Feb 2011

Newly-appointed Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour, who replaced long-serving Farouk Hosni in the new cabinet formed on 31 January, has resigned

Asfour’s acceptance of the position sparked controversy among several Egyptian artists and literary figures actively involved in the people’s revolt that began on 25 January. On 8 February Asfour resigned from the post, citing “health issues”.

During his short conversation with Ahram Online, Asfour prefered not to give any further details related to his resignation, adding that everything will become more clear through the articles he will write in the near future.

Asfour underscored that he is with the revolution and believes that it is "an awakening and it is certainly the opening of the new era."

"The change is inevitable, and it is coming sooner or later, and the government needs to understand the situation fast or they will be destroyed by the revolution," Asfour commented.

Prior to his post as culture ministert, Gaber Asfour, a literary critic and author, held the post of the General Secretary of the Supreme Council for Culture where he focused on the department of literary translations. Later on, Asfour left the department to create an the National Translation Foundation,  which he headed and secured funding for from the Ministry of Culture. Asfour was also editor-in-chief of Fousoul, a literary quarterly publication, for several years. In 2008 he was awarded the UNESCO-Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture.

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