Protests in front of the Supreme Council of Culture

Ati Metwaly, Thursday 10 Feb 2011

Over a hundred people demonstrated in front of the Supreme Council of Culture this morning

Supreme Council of Culture

Artists and administration personnel from the Supreme Council of Culture gathered in front of their premises at the Opera Grounds in Cairo, on Thursday, 10 February. Not only the protesters demanded Mubarak to step down and  the removal of the regime but also they expressed their own grievances related to the Ministry of Culture.

On their banners, demonstrators accused the Ministry of Culture of many wrongdoings including  the death of artists during the Beni Suef theatre burning (2005), conferences between the regime loyalists, theft of the Vincent Van Gogh painting from Cairo's Mahmoud Khalil Museum (August 2010), and the unprecedented corruption and brainwashing of  Egyptian minds etc.

The protesters underlined that Egyptian intellectuals and artists will boycot the Ministry of Culture until the regime is down.

Protesters also demanded that Farouk Abdel Salam, Head of the Minister's office, steps down, accusing him of being one of the crucial persons behind the corruption and injustice within the ministry. Protesters underlined that Abdel Salam should have retired many years ago and his presence in the Ministry is unjustifiable.

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