Art Alert: Political play 'Eats, Drinks, Deviates' opens Friday, Video

Ahram Online, Tuesday 12 Feb 2013

'Eats, Drinks, Deviates' a political play by We Lessa For Arts theatre group opens Friday at El-Balloon Theatre in Agouza, see video

Yakol, Yeshrab, Yenshiz (Courtesy of director John Milad)

'Eats, Drinks, Deviates' a new political play by We Lessa For Arts theatre group will open at El-Balloon Theatre on Friday 15 February.

Yakol, Yeshrab, Yenshiz (Eats, Drinks, Deviates) is a political play, presenting the Egyptian youth's struggle for freedom and justice in today's reality. It captures the conflict between the current political regime dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and the youth who still call for change. 

Directed by John Milad, the play is based entirely on improvisation by We Lessa For Arts theatre group. The troupe was inspired and integrated poetry by Arab greats, including Mahmoud Darwish, Jobran Khalil Jobran and Saad Allah Yanous. The troupe also included poetry by some of the performers as well, including Andrew Michelle, Fady Samir, Ramiz Mohei and the director himself, John Milad.

We Lessa For Arts crew includes Andrew Michelle, Paula Samer, Carine Akmal, Fady Sameer, and Ramiz Mohei, Nermine Naeem, Antonious Amin, Iman Mansour, Michael Thabet, among many more.

Friday 15 February, 7:00pm
El-Balloon Theatre, El-Agouza, Giza

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