Egyptian artists respond to Morsi election call

Farah Montasser, Wednesday 27 Feb 2013

Artists criticise President Morsi's decision to schedule parliamentary elections for April, raise doubts that polls will be transparent

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Egyptian artists have criticised President Mohamed Morsi's decision to schedule parliamentary elections for April.

Actor Khaled El-Sawy said, "Parliamentary elections are currently unsuitable for Egypt and discussions of whether to boycott them or not are a waste of time and energy."

Filmmaker Khaled Youssef said, "Hopefully, Morsi will leave office before the election... The Muslim Brotherhood regime and President Morsi are nothing but a big failure."

Actor Khaled El-Nabawy said sarcastically, "I don't understand how the Muslim Brotherhood and their biased government can guarantee transparent elections."

Khaled Abul-Naga, an actor, has used Twitter to share a petition written by young activists calling on the USA "to support the Egyptian people and not the Muslim Brotherhood, or stop supporting Egypt altogether."

"The Egyptian Revolution is voicing its anger at US support of Islamic fascists and President Morsi," Abul-Naga added.

On 17 February, the president said parliamentary elections would be organised by Egypt's Supreme Elections Commission (SEC) and supervised by judicial representatives.

"The police and army will secure the elections, as was the case in previous elections and referendums over the last two years," the president added.

Opposition and public figures are calling for a boycott of the polls.


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