Bayt Al-Sinnari offers free art workshops for women

Ahram Online, Tuesday 16 Jul 2013

Historical house turned cultural centre will offer workshops during Ramadan to promote Egypt cultural heritage in Sayeda Zeinab

Bayt AlSinnari center for science, culture and arts in Sayda Zeinab in Cairo. (Photo credit:Ahram Gate)

Bayt Al-Sinnari, a centre for science, culture, and arts, aims at promoting Egypt's cultural heritage through a series of workshops tailored for women from Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district.

Bayt Al-Sinnari, situated in Mong alley in Sayeda Zeinab, is a historic house built in1794 that used to be home of Napoleon Bonaparte’s Institute for the Committee of Science and Arts, according to Bayt Al-Sinnari's official Facebook page.

Today, the location serves as an affiliate to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It has been transformed into a cultural centre, aiming to promote cultural heritage through scientific, cultural, and artistic programs and workshops.

Bayt Al-Sinnari has organised five different artistic and handicraft workshops for women during Ramadan.  The workshops will start Wednesday 17 July.

'Our Cloth' will be the first workshop, offered by artist Roaa Magdy. It will demonstrate how to reproduce simple and beneficial objects by using Egyptian ores.

The second workshop, 'Copper accessories,' will be held by the artist Hager Hamdy and will focus on creating authentic jewelleries.

'Mosaic' is the third workshop, focusing on the creation of images through assembling small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials. It will be conducted by the artist Shaimaa Mamdouh.

In 'Painting on glass,' the fourth workshop offered by artist Shorouk Gamal El-Din, students will learn how to transform pieces of glass into artistic paintings by painting on windows and plates.

The final workshop is 'Scenography' by the artist Sherif El-Kazaz. It demonstrates how to create a performance environment using techniques such as lighting, decorations, sound and clothing.

The workshops will be held every Wednesday in Ramadan from 8.30 pm until 10.30 pm.

They are offered free of charge, including the required equipments and tools.

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