Brotherhood should be deemed 'terrorists': Artists' statement

AFP Arabic, Tuesday 6 Aug 2013

Disturbed by the Muslim Brotherhood's 'violent reaction' to the ouster of president Morsi, some Egyptian artists call for the Islamist group to be deemed 'terrorists'

A number of Egyptian artists and filmmakers demand the government deem the Muslim Brotherhood as a group that "employs terror" in its activities.

In a statement released on 5 August, the artists called for the "prosecution of those responsible for the violence on the streets."

Pro-Morsi rallies have been marching through Egypt's streets for weeks decrying the ouster of Mohamed Morsi on 3 July as a "military coup" against a democratically-elected president. Clashes between pro-Morsi demonstrators, on the one hand, and security forces or anti-Morsi protesters, on the other hand, have left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

The statement also rejected any compromise with the Brotherhood.

"We have been observing the ongoing hate campaign that the Brotherhood has been adopting towards the Egyptian state and the Egyptian people ever since the mass protests of 30 June, where several calls for violence and assassinations have circulated."

"Egypt is a country known for its diversity and tolerance. However, Since its foundation in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has been aiming to destroy any signs of national unity and to oppose the nationalist movement," the statement continued.

Artists and intellectuals who signed the statement include novelists Bahaa Taher, Sonallah Ibrahim and Alaa Al-Deeb; film directors Hala Lutfy and Ahmed Rashwan; artist Mohamed Abla; poet Gamal Al-Kasas; critic Ali Abu Shady; university professor Galilah Al-Kady, and others.

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