Art Alert: Screening of Cairography at ADEF (TRAILER)

Ahram Online , Thursday 3 Apr 2014

Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) to screen Cairography, a video dance project exploring the restrictions imposed on physical expression in Cairo

cairography main
Still from 'Cairography'

On Friday, 4 April, the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF) will be screening Cairography, a video dance project that was initially created to explore the relationship between the human body and the streets of Cairo, and the limitations the city imposes on physical expression. 

The video is written and directed by Dalia Naous and Kinda Hassan, and performers include Nadine Emile, Shereen Hegazy, Ahmed El-Gendy and Aly Khamees.

The title, Cairography, is a blend between the words 'Cairo' and 'choreography', since the film is in essence an attempt to chronicle the experience of two women in the capital, and to test how far the human body can go in terms of movement and expression in Cairo's public spaces.

Cairography is an introspective look at auto-censorship and societal restrictions, our own relationship with our body and how effectively we could employ it in confronting boundaries. 

The film will include English subtitles for non-Arabic speakers. 

Friday, 4 April at 6.30pm
Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF)
143, Street 8, Off of Nafoura Square, Moqattam, Cairo

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