Egyptian band Taksir Sharqi to perform at Zamalek Theatre

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 2 Nov 2021

Egyptian band Taksir Sharqi will be performing at the Zamalek Theatre next Tuesday.

 band Taksir Sharqi

Known for approaching Egyptian traditional folk music with contemporary arrangements, Taksir Sharqi was founded in 2017 by Wust El-Balad member Ahmed Omran, bringing together ten musicians from various musical backgrounds.

The members normally are Abd El Rahman Ballalah (vocal), Om Sameh (vocal and percussion), Omran (oud and electronics), Amin Shahin (argoul and kawala), Wael El Sayed (accordion), Walid Abdo (percussion), Ayman Mabrouk (percussion), Wetey (bass guitar), Amr Wagih (saxophone) and Yasser Hashish (electric guitar).

Taksir Sharqi, that will also perform at the Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday 6 November, will play their approach to traditional styles like Gnawa and Zar merged with modern tunes and arrangements.

Tuesday 9 November, at 7 pm
Zamalek Theatre, 26th of July street, Zamalek, Cairo


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