Shaabi star Abdel-Baset Hamouda in concert at El-Sawy Cultural Wheel in Eid

Eslam Omar , Sunday 24 Apr 2022

Egyptian Shaabi star Abdel-Baset Hamouda and his ensemble will hold a concert at the El-Sawy Culture Wheel on 3 May, amid celebration of Muslim feast of Eid El-Fitr.

Abdel-Baset Hamouda


"[Don't miss] the biggest concert in Egypt on the second day of El-Eid. Waiting for all of you," stated the 67-year-old singer on social media on Sunday.

The widely-popular Hamouda will perform some of his evergreen older songs like Ana Mesh Arefny ("I don't Recognise Myself"), El-Gaw Hady ("Calm Atmosphere"), Kollak Agebny ("I like everything about You"), Ediny Albak ("Give Me Your Heart") among other memorised songs.

He will also expected to sing some of his latest; including Fi Hetta Tanya from the film Men Agl Zico, as well as his latest hits Ya Asfar ("Envious") featuring Young Muslim and Dayana ("Splash Cash") with Omar Kamal.

One of the most popular Egyptian Shaabi singers, Hamouda has collaborated frequently with pop artists like Donia Samr Ghanem in Bab El-Hayah ("Door of Life") and Nicole Saba in Mafish Mostaheel ("No Impossible").

This is the second concert for Hamouda at El-Sawy Culture Wheel, which is most famous for hosting indie and folk bands.

Tuesday 3 May, at 8:15pm
El-Sawy Culturewheel, 26 July Zamalek, Cairo

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