30 June

Tuesday 29 Jun 2021

Tahrir 30 June 2013
30 June 2013

Eight years on, nothing is more inspiring than the sight of the Egyptian people gathering in unprecedented numbers to assert their rejection of sectarianism. In 2013, a year into the Muslim Brotherhood’s doomed attempt at overtaking the country, Egyptians managed to reverse a disastrous course that had seemed inevitable, and their achievement is paying off to this day.

What if…

What would have happened had the 30 June Revolution not occurred? Ezzat Ibrahim details some bleak scenarios

Dawn of  a new  republic

In eight years, Egypt has become a new state, writes Sobhi Esseila

Building Egypt’s 4G cities

Karima Abdel-Ghani asks experts to explain the thinking behind Egypt’s new fourth-generation cities

A new era for rural Egypt

The Decent Life presidential initiative is improving the quality of life in 4,500 villages across Egypt, reports Ahmed Morsy

Keys for industrial growth

Localisation and specialisation have become keywords for the development of Egypt’s industrial sector, reports Safeya Mounir

Eliminating hazardous housing

Following a four-year programme costing LE32 billion, Egypt expects to announce that it is slum-free by the end of this year, reports Ahmed Abdel-Hafez

Connecting Cairo’s east and west

Egypt’s monorail will link the New Administrative Capital with 6 October city, but there are also other connections at play, reports Karima Abdel-Ghani

What makes  a revolution?

Historian Assem Al-Dessouki explains why Egypt’s 30 June Revolution was a genuine revolution in an interview with Mohamed Shoeir


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