Mona El-Nahhas , Tuesday 26 Jul 2022


New hike in metro

and railway tickets…

MINISTER of Transportation Kamel Al-Wazir revealed on Sunday his ministry is planning to increase the price of tickets of Cairo’s metro and railway trains. The increase, according to Al-Wazir, aims to reduce the budget deficit.

“We are trying to increase revenues by renting out more retail shops in stations,” Al-Wazir told TV anchor Amr Adib in a phone interview. The decision to increase prices has already been taken, Al-Wazir said, but what is being studied now is the percentage of the increase. A study conducted by the ministry will be submitted to the cabinet and then to parliament for final approval.

Al-Wazir expects the increase will be determined within 10 days.

Assuring the public, Al-Wazir said the ministry will introduce only a “small increase” that may reach LE1. The Transportation Ministry last increased prices of metro tickets in August 2020, upping the cost of a ticket for a trip of one to nine stops to LE5 instead of LE3, a ticket for nine to 16 stops to LE7 instead of LE5 and a ticket for 16 to 40 stops to LE10, up from LE7.


… and Uber fares

FOLLOWING the latest increase in fuel prices, Uber Egypt, the ride-hailing company, decided to raise the prices of its services in Cairo and Alexandria, according to e-mails sent to customers.

The base fare for an average UberX ride in Cairo has been raised from LE8.5 to LE9 and the price per kilometre from LE2.9 to LE3. The base fare for the taxi service which was launched recently in Egypt by Uber rose to LE7.6 and the price per kilometre to LE2.8.

For an UberX ride in Alexandria, the new base fare has been raised from LE8.3 to LE8.7 and per kilometre from LE3 to LE3.15.

This is the second price raise Uber announced this year after raising prices in May.

Egypt’s Fuel Automatic Pricing Committee raised fuel prices for various octanes by LE0.5 to LE1 per litre and raised the price of diesel and kerosene from LE6.75 to LE7.25 per litre. The new prices will be applied until the end of September. The decision was followed by hikes in the fares of taxis and microbuses as well as slight increases in some public bus fares.


First Egyptian

to travel in space

NON-profit organisation Space for Humanity (S4H) has chosen Egyptian engineer Sara Sabri to join New Shepard’s 22 space flight. The announcement was made on 22 July. Sabri becomes the second sponsored Citizen Astronaut (CA-2) selected by the S4H after Mexican electrical engineer Katya Echazarreta.

S4H’s Citizen Astronaut is the world’s first and only programme which sponsors exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds and professions for an opportunity to go into space.

Sabri, 29, is a mechanical and biomedical engineer and founder of the Deep Space initiative, a non-profit organisation aiming to expand space research accessibility. On her mission, whose date is to be announced, Sabri will fly alongside five other crew members.

Sabri is a graduate of the American University in Cairo with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and obtained a Master’s Degree in biomedical engineering from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. Sabri is seeking a PhD in aerospace sciences concentrating on space suit design.

The Egyptian space agency expressed its support and congratulations to Sabri on her “unprecedented success”.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 28 July, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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