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Soha Hesham , Tuesday 28 Nov 2023

Tarek Abdel-Aziz (1968-2023)

Tarek Abdel-Aziz


Actor Tarek Abdel-Aziz passed away at age 55 last Sunday after being hospitalised for a heart attack while shooting the TV series wi Baaena Etnen (And We Became Two)

Abdel-Aziz was born in Sohag, Upper Egypt, and graduated from the Faculty of Law. He started his acting career in 1986 at the university theatre and later joined Al-Warsha theatre troupe – Egypt’s oldest independent theatre company, founded by Hassan El-Geretly – where he participated in the play Dayer ma Yedour (Round and Round) starring Abla Kamel, Ahmed Kamal, Ahmed Mukhtar and Sayed Ragab.

He appeared in a large number of TV series and films as well as radio series, his first appearance on the silver screen being a brief one in  Said Hamed’s Saidi fil Gamaa Al-Amrekeya (An Upper Egyptian in the American University, 1998), starring Mohamed Henedi, Mona Zaki, Ahmed Al-Saqqa and Tarek Lotfi. The following year he plated a bigger role in Hamed’s  Hamam fi Amsterdam (Hamam in Amsterdam, 1999) with Heneidi and Al-Saqqa.

He starred in Film Thaqafi (Cultural Film, 2000), another cult classic, directed by Mohamed Amin, alongside Ahmed Eid, Ahmed Rizk and Fathi Abdel-Wahab. He also starred in Ali Idris’s Ashab wala Business (Friendship or Business, 2001).

In 2004 he starred alongside the late singer Amer Moneib in Hamed Said’s Kimo wi Antimo (Kimo and his Best Friend), with Mai Ezzeddine and Wahid Seif.  He was to die on the same day as Moneib, who died in 2011.

He also starred in Mohamed Amin’s Febrayer Al-Aswad (Black February, 2013), with Khaled Saleh, and as part of an ensemble cast featuring Ahmed Al-Saqqa, Laila Elwi, Asser Yassin, Hani Ramzi and Nelly Karim in Mohamed Amin’s 200 Geneih (200 Pounds), written by Ahmed Abdallah.

Abdel-Aziz’s TV roles include Mohamed Salama’s Rahim (2018), with Yasser Galal, Karim Al-Shenawy’s Qabil (2019), with Mohamed Mamdouh, Amina Khalil and Mohamed Farrag.

Abdel-Aziz deeply loved by his colleagues, something to which social media amply testified; his closest friends were Khaled Al-Sawi and Mohamed Heneidi and screenwriter Ahmed Abdallah.

* A version of this article appears in print in the 30 November, 2023 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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