A trendy winter wardrobe

Mariam Ayman, Tuesday 13 Oct 2020

Mariam Ayman guides you through this winter’s must-have pieces based on the most significant trends on the runways

A trendy winter wardrobe
A trendy winter wardrobe

October is here, and the weather is still kind of warm. However, winter will be coming soon, and who doesn’t miss the chill wind and wearing fuzzy clothes and scarves and long, elegant coats along with leather boots? 

The best thing is to prepare your wardrobe early with the trendiest pieces of fashion for this year’s winter. Sherine Al-Shami, founder and designer in chief of La Chica’s, can also help in taking us on a journey through the fashion runways to find out more about this season’s must-have pieces and the significant styles to keep in mind when shopping for winter pieces as well as the trendiest colours.

“One of the most significant trends for this year’s winter is the balloon sleeve,” Al-Shami says. “It is used on both evening wear – as many designers have used it in their runway collections like Chanel, Max Mara, Chloe and others – as well as on casual wear like on denim, chiffon tops and dresses. It comes in many shapes and can be applied in different styles.”

Another must-have piece is the square cardigan or blazer as presented by designers Dolce & Gabana and Miu Miu. From long to short, cardigans and blazers this year are very elegant and can be easily paired with other pieces like a midi pencil skirt, fitted jeans, suit trousers or even a short dress with tights, Al-Shami notes.

“You can choose one with front buttons, or another one with only a belt, or even one with neither and style it yourself with a wide leather belt to shape your waist. Then you’ll be good to go,” she says. A short cardigan usually has only three buttons on the front, so designers have decided to make it a statement piece by choosing creative button shapes. Some have chosen golden, irregularly shaped buttons, while others have put on big circular ones, she adds.

Another must-have piece is sleeveless knitwear. “It can be an amazing piece, yet it is tricky as it has to be carefully styled to give the desired look,” Al-Shami says. So, if you’re looking for a work outfit this winter, you can wear knitwear with a basic white shirt on simple trousers and a belt. Or if you want things a bit casual, you can wear a pair of jeans and choose a coloured shirt. Knitwear can also be worn on a wide comfy dress on a breakfast date when it will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. 

A third piece is a faux fur coat. “This is an amazing piece – it is not just trendy, it is also practical, as it helps you to feel cosy during cold winter days. When choosing this piece, always go for colours like pink and bright beige and keep away from grey and black,” Al-Shami recommends. Another trend that is hard to resist is an extra-long fringe. “Fringes always highlight femininity, and this winter you can have a long-fringed dress or skirt to pair with a nice blouse for a night out and turn heads with every step,” she says.

Another interesting trend that has been presented on the runways this season is the long leather coat. “They are called Matrix coats, as in the Keanu Reeves Matrix movie series, as designers were inspired by these and interpreted them in various feminine ways. The coat comes in many colours and designs, while preserving the Matrix silhouette,” Al-Shami explains. 

Another trend is a masculine look with a tie. “This is a bold look with a borrowed accessory from the men’s wardrobe. It has been a hit, and some designers have used it as it is, matching it with white shirts, leather jackets and straight trousers, while others have reformed it in a way that looks like a tie scarf, giving it more girly look,” she adds. 

“Suits are also back on the podium, but this season they are a bit different. They consist of a blazer and skirt and come in different lengths, cuts, silhouettes and patterns,” Al-Shami says. Suits are one of the fashion trends that never gets old, and they are very handy to fill your wardrobe as you can wear the whole suit together, or the blazer alone and match it with a pair of jeans and a basic shirt if you are looking for a semi-casual look. In another context you can use the skirt and match it with a nice blouse, so it is always a plus to own a few good suits, she adds.

Designers have also borrowed from the past this year in the form of the plaid pattern. “This winter, plaid is not only the Scottish square pattern or the famous Burberry plaid, it is a bit more than that,” says Al-Shami. Now the pattern comes in different sizes and colours, and it is not exclusively used on certain pieces. Instead, you can find it on a jacket or a skirt, whether short, midi or long and with different silhouettes. You can also find plaid used on a dress from top to bottom, as well as shirts, coats and trousers. It can be trendy to mix and match multiple pieces with a plaid pattern and wear them together, she adds.

Among the trendy colours this winter, there are the natural, earthy tones, which are one of the most long-lasting trends. They never get old, are easy to style and mix and match, look good on everyone, are suitable everywhere and look good with almost all fabrics, from cotton and wool to leather. Then there are the light blue tones, which, according to Al-Shami, are trendy to match with the earthy colours, making a perfect colour combo.

There are also two significant shades of yellow, the first being mustard yellow, a perfect colour for this winter’s coats and blazers. You can wear them with white turtle neck tops and a pair of jeans. “This colour is vibrant and gives warmth to foggy winter days. It is also practical, as it matches several tones and shades of different colours,” Al-Shami elaborates. The second shade is butter yellow. “This is a dreamy, soft and elegant colour, and it goes best with a fabric like satin. You can wear it in casual shirts or skirts,” she adds.

The fourth colour this year is Valentino red. “This is fiery, warm and very body flattering, especially if it is on a long, evening, sequined, pleated satin, or tafetta red dress,” Al-Shami comments. Another extravagant colour is shimmering gold. “This colour has invaded the runways in a very beautiful way, and of course it is most suitable for evening gowns and cocktail dresses. It will be the perfect colour for your Christmas party outfit,” Al-Shami says.

A final colour is black. “This is the master of colours – it always projects richness on everything, and this season the head-to-toe black look is very edgy and trendy,” she comments.


The writer is a freelance journalist.



*A version of this article appears in print in the 15 October, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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