Cauliflower pané

Moushira Abdel-Malek, Tuesday 4 Feb 2020

Cauliflower pané

Serves 4-6

1 small cauliflower (trimmed, cut into florets)
1 tsp minced garlic
4 eggs (beaten with a dash of milk)
1 heaped tbsp plain flour + 1 cup tap water
1 tsp white vinegar
Breadcrumbs (to coat)
Oil for deep frying
Salt + pepper + cumin + 7 spices

Fill a wide deep cooking pot with plenty of salted water.  Bring to the boil.  Put cauliflower florets; in batches; to boil.  Remove with a slotted spatula on to a strainer; when still al dente.  Allow to cool off and reach room temperature.  Meanwhile; in a large deep bowl, crack eggs, milk and add a generous amount of seasoning, then add vinegar, garlic, flour and water.  With an electric beater, beat all ingredients inside the bowl; until well incorporated; with no lumps.  If mixture is too thick; add some more milk or water for a lighter consistency; which should be similar to that of buttermilk (rayeb).  Immerse florets to coat well on all sides, then coat completely with breadcrumbs.  Repeat with all florets, until whole amount is prepared.  Heat oil in a frying saucepan.  When hot; deep fry cauliflower florets; in batches, over medium heat, to acquire a golden colour as illustrated.  Remove with a slotted spatula, on kitchen paper towels.  Serve hot as a side dish or alone; plain or with a creamy dip of your choice.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 6 February, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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