Veal Osso Bucco shanks

Moushira Abdel-Malek, Tuesday 3 Mar 2020

Veal Osso Bucco shanks
Veal Osso Bucco shanks

Serves 4-6



6-8 pieces Osso Bucco on the bone

2 onions (sliced)

5-6 garlic cloves (sliced)

4-5 carrots (peeled, diced)

1 large potato (peeled, diced)

1 large red ripe tomato (peeled, grated)

1 cup dry red wine

2 chicken bouillons cubes

2 tbsp olive oil + 1 tbsp butter

2 tbsp sunflower oil + 1 tbsp butter

Salt + pepper + 7 spices + ground cinnamon + herbes de Provençe



Heat a non-stick cooking pot on high.  Pat dry meat pieces with kitchen paper towels.  Place inside hot pot to sear; on all sides and in batches.  Remove on to a side plate.  Add olive oil and butter to cooking pot.  Add onion and stir to caramelise.  When about to brown; add garlic.  Stir to combine with onion.  Add seasoning and stir; until fragrant.  Add carrot.  Then add tomato.  Stir.  Cover.  Simmer for a few moments, over low heat.  Add wine.  Bring to the boil.  Return seared meat.  add bouillons cubes.  Cover.  Allow to cook over medium-low heat.  Meanwhile; soak potato in salted tap water; for ten minutes.  Remove.  Drain.  Pat dry with kitchen paper towels.  Heat a frying pan.  Add sunflower oil.  When hot; add potato cubes.  Stir to fry until golden.  Halfway frying potato; add butter to pan.  Remove potato with a slotted spatula, on to kitchen paper towels.  Fold them over fried potato; to absorb any excess oil.  When meat is cooked and about to be done, add fried potato to sauce in cooking pot.  Stir to incorporate.  Remove away from heat.   Serve with sauce and a side of fluffed rice or mashed potatoes. 


*A version of this article appears in print in the 5 March, 2020 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly

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