Stuffed cheese burger

Moushira Abdel-Malek , Tuesday 1 Feb 2022

Stuffed cheese burger
Stuffed cheese burger

Yields 6 burgers


1.25 kg minced beef (lean yet slightly marbled) 

1 large onion (finely chopped)

180 gm cheese mixture of: grated cheddar, Asiago and mozzarella (or your choice of cheeses)

Salt + pepper + garlic powder

6 burger buns

Condiments and Toppings to add:

Sliced tomato 

Sliced onion

Shredded iceberg lettuce





In a large bowl, add minced beef, onion and seasoning.  Mix and fluff with a fork to integrate well and combine.  Do not mix and knead much; as such a method leads to a rubbery bite of the burger.  Divide mixture into six balls; each of 200 grams of weight.  Moreover, each ball should be equally divided in two.  Pat flat by hand, each half, to shape into two very thin round patties; either by hand or by means of a burger press.  Place 30 grams of cheese mixture on top of one patty; right in the centre, slightly spreading it towards the edge; leaving an empty space of about a quarter of the whole circumference, without any cheese reaching there.  Cover with the other patty, pressing firmly only around the edge to seal.  Repeat process until all the quantity is formed and ready to cook.  Preheat an outdoor gas grill at 200 degrees C, a charcoal, an electric or a top stove heated grill or griddle.  Arrange to grill the prepared six burgers on top and immediately lower heat to 180 when placed on the grill.  For a medium done burger; leave on one side for twenty minutes, then turn on the other side to grill only for 5-7 more minutes; (top side has already been slightly cooked and remaining time would be quite enough to complete the cooking).  Remove away when done to your serving preference.  Serve immediately in the bun; adding alternatively all or any of the condiments and toppings above; forming your own burger sandwich, to your own taste.  Serve with baked potato slices, or with French fries aside.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 3 February, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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